The Deacon Jones Story

When it comes to fine interiors, Danny Deacon and Vinnie Jones have something truly unique to offer. By combining their years of hard work and experience in property development, refurbishing and flooring, their journey of excellence starts right here...

Who are Deacon Jones?

Deacon Jones was born out of a mutual belief between Danny and Vinnie that they could make a real difference when it comes interior design projects. With its own range of high quality hard wood floors, as well as luxury carpets and stylish hand made English beds, Deacon Jones offers customers an unparalleled selection to choose from whatever their needs may be.

A 25 year relationship between Danny and Vinnie has fostered a deep trust in each other's judgement and skills.

The founding of Deacon Jones

The formation of Deacon Jones was as unusual as it was eventful. After years of academia, Danny, like many others, found himself on a building site, under the watchful eye of his father, he began what was to be a very successful apprenticeship which would cement the foundation of his career.

For Danny, the daily ritual and routine of work was a welcome substitute for the mundane days spent in the classroom. Surrounded by trusted peers and colourful colleagues, he threw himself into his work and quickly established his own customer base. As he undertook more complex refurbishments, as well as work for private landlords and management agents, he developed strong relationships with contractors and became well known for delivering projects to an extremely high standard.

All about flooring

After becoming an approved contractor for the local council, Danny developed a flooring sector inside the business and was immediately rewarded with multiple projects. The installation of the flooring and the feeling of completion was a newfound passion. This led to many years and valuable experience in the flooring sector, across both retail and fitting.

Partnering with Vinnie Jones

Vinnie may be best known for his roles in film and skills on the football pitch, but he started out as a humble yet talented bricklayer. With decades of experience in building and refurbishing homes, Vinnie has a keen eye for quality and a deep understanding of architectural practices, including flooring. Family, communication and hard work are what brought Danny and Vinnie together, and their skills complement each other perfectly.