The London Collection

Experience a truly luxurious nights sleep with the Deacon Jones London collection.

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A luxurious nights sleep

Egyptian cotton fabric covers deep layers of loose fillings securely in place whilst lashings of hand teased Dartmoor and cashmere wool and horse tail, a silk blend and finished with a supremely soft wool and cotton comfort layer provide the most luxurious nights sleep.

Available as Soft, Medium or Firm tension.

A centrepiece

The London Collection bed frame is a luxurious divan frame and comes with castor feet. And with over 80 different suede finishes, you can be certain it will match any rooms colour scheme.

Dolly Truffle swatch
Dolly Truffle
Chambray Red swatch
Chambray Red
Dolce Mahogany swatch
Dolce Mahogany
Chambray Flint swatch
Chambray Flint
Chambray Airforce swatch
Chambray Airforce

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