2024 Interior Trends: Three Things You Should Know

2024 Interior Trends: Three Things You Should Know
2024 is one of the defining chapters for most people. It’s either the year millennials get their own house or living space, Generation X buying their second house, and older generations settling in the home that will mark the golden years of their life.

At the Deacon Jones blog, we will help you discover the home design that will shape the best years of your life. Our team of researchers have scoured the depths of the internet from Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and other forms of media to unravel the most vogue interior design for your home.

Traditional Way of Life

The generations of homeowners these days all have a lot in common, they want to live a simple and quiet life. Trends on social media platforms show that homeowners prioritise comfort and design over anything else. No more lavish and eye-catching colours of yesteryears; functionality, simplicity and familiarity take over interior home design preferences.

In a world where everyone works, homeowners choose a home that speaks “safe space” and “rest”. Accents of wood, monochrome colours, carpets, and natural light dominate social media home interior designs.

In 2024, human preference points to a home away from the industries and more on everyday living activities. The top trending designs are traditional style, contemporary, rustic, and minimalist designs.

Colours Green and brown

Continuing from the last topic, homes have deviated from the brutalist, industrial layout to a one more inclined with nature. Thus, brown and green hues are abundant in rooms, whether natural or synthetic.

Greens can come from plants or wallpaper and flooring. Brown comes from wood, flooring, and furniture. These themes purvey because of the environmental consciousness of the world.

Younger generations

While this is the overwhelming majority, a niche portion of homeowners still prefer a futuristic and modern take on their homes. Homeowners in the city or condo owners have embraced the city lifestyle. However, traits of a traditional style still do spill over.

According to, “Nature-inspired reigns supreme as designers, homeowners, and businesses gravitate towards bringing the outdoors in. We're talking lush greenery, earthy colours, eco-friendly materials, and an oh-so-soothing atmosphere. It's fitting, too, as sustainability is also cementing its spot in 2024's interior design trends.”

2024 can be the year that everyone embraces “Going Green.” Stay tuned for next week’s Deacon Jones blog article.